Lalie TimesTables

Many kids have difficulties with the Times Tables so we thought that Lalie could help them learn and remember the Time Tables. For that purpose we have created Lalie TimesTables with three different modes:

    • Learn: In this mode, kids can choose the table they want to learn and the animations will help them remember the multiplications.
    • Play: The best way to help a child learn is with games! Here we have three:
      • True or False where they have to choose if a statement is correct or not.
      • One Minute to answer correctly as many questions as possible.
      • Win Medals where they can earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal like in the Olympic Games!
    • Test: they can check their knowledge with a test and see if and where they made a mistake.
  • This educational app currently supports English, Spanish and French and has been designed for kids aged between 6 and 8.


  • No in-app purchases.
  • No third-party advertising.
  • Times Tables up to 10 or 12 in the preferences.
  • 3 game modes: Learn, Play and Test.
  • 3 games: True or False, One Minute and Win Medals.
  • The possibility to do a test with or without time limit.
  • 3 languages for the user interface: English, Spanish and French.
  • Nice music.
  • Kids-friendly interface.
  • Cute Graphics!

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Compatible with iOS devices running iOS9 or later.

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